We Work Hard To Preserve Your Floor or Deck Investment

Serving the Wichita, KS Area

For over 10 years, Seal Pro has been dedicated to providing the Wichita, KS area with superior concrete floor sealing services. When you invest in your home or business, you’re only benefiting yourself!

Let us help you preserve that investment by keeping your flooring and decking looking flawless. We offer years of experience in the industry and the high-quality products necessary to meet the demands of your polymer flooring and coating needs.


Residential and Commercial Sealing for Decks and Floors

We know you want to keep your family, friends, colleagues, and customers safe. The best way to ensure they feel safe and comfortable in your home or business is to give them solid ground to stand on.

If your flooring has bumps, cracks, scratches, or sealing issues, they are noticeable—and not in a good way. Give your loved ones and yourself peace of mind by investing in one of our concrete sealing services; you won’t be disappointed!

It makes us proud to know we contribute to the safety and happiness of you and those you welcome into your home or business. That’s why we maintain such a reputable name for ourselves; we care about our customers!